The extremely important article "Road warrior" [News, Jan. 30] put a spotlight on what has been a major problem in Nassau County: its infrastructure.

Streets and highways in Nassau are in major disrepair. Roads are crumbling underneath us. You have to look very hard to find a road that isn't marked with potholes, cracks, bumps or divots.

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This poses enormous hazards for motorists and pedestrians. Aside from the unnecessary and sometimes expensive damage potholes cause to vehicles, they force many drivers to swerve out of the way to avoid them. Drivers sometimes end up losing control or getting into an accident.

The remedy is simple. We need a sizable and dedicated financial investment in our infrastructure to fix our roads and bridges. In Nassau, officials of the county, towns, cities and villages are spending inordinate sums on temporary fixes. Instead of putting a Band-Aid on a problem that will recur, Nassau should look to repave all the roads at one time.

The temporary inconvenience this would cause would be greatly outweighed by having streets that aren't littered by potholes and constantly congested with construction crews doing the same work over and over again.

Steven E. Glass, Oyster Bay