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Letter: Report civilian deaths in war

Afghan women walk to their homes in Kabul,

Afghan women walk to their homes in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Jan. 4, 2012) Photo Credit: AP

Regarding "Give peace a chance" [Editorial, Dec. 24], everyone wants peace. But there are few who have the courage to turn their wishes into action.

I have not seen the media focus on reporting about the children in Afghanistan who have died because of our drones and artillery. Thousands of innocent civilians, including children and entire families, were accidentally killed by our armed forces in Iraq, and their homes were destroyed. These deaths are called accidental casualties and are accepted as necessary evils. Why?

One of the things Newsday can do, besides writing editorials advocating peace, is to report the deaths of innocent children and their families. Reporting it might reduce the acceptability of civilian deaths. It might even promote peaceful resolutions to complex international problems.

Robert Shorin, Syosset