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Letter: Require flood insurance in low-lying areas

A house is inundated with flood water from

A house is inundated with flood water from superstorm Sandy in Center Moriches. (Oct. 29, 2012) Photo Credit: AP

Flood insurance should be mandatory in low-lying areas of Long Island ["No insurance, tough future," News, Jan. 14].

I don't mind helping people out, but I don't like that hard-working people who do things right may have to bail out those who wanted to save a few bucks every month by avoiding flood insurance. Now they expect government help because they lost so much.

We should help this time around, but make flood insurance mandatory in most parts of the Island in the future ["End the flood-zone bailouts," Editorial, Jan. 6]. It's better to be ready than to lose everything.

Emily Gricco, Franklin Square

The Sandy funding bill should bring immediate aid to those homeowners who were responsible enough to purchase insurance and to protect their investments ["$51B aid passes House," News, Jan. 16]. Those who made the personal choice to not purchase insurance should be grateful for whatever charity the Federal Emergency Management Agency's taxpayer money provides.

What is up with this mentality of entitlement? Let's help the responsible and relocate the others so all taxpayers don't pay again next time. If my house burned down, and I chose to gamble without insurance, would there be a bill in Congress for me to rebuild with taxpayers' money?

Rich Adrian, Huntington

The Army Corps of Engineers and state officials offered to build up the Long Beach beachfront in 2006. However, in its arrogance, Long Beach refused ["A bid in Long Beach," News, Dec. 6].

The coup de grace is that many had no flood insurance -- ridiculous!

We have not had an insurance claim in 20 years, yet still carry coverage, even though we don't have a mortgage. Will the government bail me out if I drop my coverage? The whole situation is so sad.

Kevin Roberts, Brentwood

I would like to acknowledge Newsday for the up-to-date information your news organization provided to homeowners like me about superstorm Sandy and its impact.

Your news reports let me know where and how to apply for assistance for our flood-ravaged home. I appreciated the outstanding public service provided by Newsday.

Frank Regnante, West Islip