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Letter: Resenting superintendent pay

Elwood Superintendent Peter Scordo said the school district's

Elwood Superintendent Peter Scordo said the school district's savings account is running out of money. Scordo is seen here at a meeting on Jan. 6, 2011. Credit: Newsday / Sally Morrow

Wow! My tiny Elwood public school district of fewer than 3,000 students is led by a great guy with a wonderful personality and an above-par skill set. According to this story, he is also the fifth-highest-paid superintendent in the state ["School paychecks," News, Oct. 10].

No wonder the school board is debating a 2015-16 budget that would pierce the tax cap.

You'd think we were running a prestigious private school like Choate Rosemary Hall, Groton School or Phillips Academy Andover -- instead of a simple, small but obviously highly lucrative district whose leaders constantly beseech state legislators for more money and fewer mandates, while not entirely restraining their own largesse with public monies.

Yup, it's supply and demand. When they demand, taxpayers supply.

Edward B. Ryder, Greenlawn


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