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Letter: ‘Residents-first’ parking is unwise

Commuters fill the parking lot at the LIRR

Commuters fill the parking lot at the LIRR station on Tuesday Oct. 13, 2015 in Cold Spring Harbor. Photo Credit: Howard Schnapp

I wholeheartedly agree with the Dec. 28 letter “Do stations help town economies?”

I live in south Dix Hills but a block into the Town of Babylon, so I qualify for the new Wyandanch outside parking lots.

However, many friends a little north of me are in the Town of Huntington, so they do not qualify. They are quite upset that they aren’t allowed to park there as they used to. They can, however, pay to park in the new garage.

Now I see that the lots are less than half full, where they used to be full. And the lot on the south side of the tracks is empty.

I submit that residents-first policies are extremely unwise for the economy, as the letter writer suggested, especially in the light of the new Wyandanch Rising project. The more people who come there to park, the better. They will surely shop there.

The Long Island Rail Road is part of the Long Island infrastructure, and parking for all should be encouraged.

Edward Schwartz, Dix Hills