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Letter: Retraining NYPD a waste of money

Heeding the admonition of NYPD Commissioner William Bratton

Heeding the admonition of NYPD Commissioner William Bratton that a funeral is for grieving not grievances, a lone police officer stands front on Jan. 4, 2015, as hundreds of officers witnessing the funeral of Det. Wenjian Liu turned their backs on a television screen showing Mayor Bill de Blasio as he spoke in honor of the Liu who was slain execution-style on Dec. 20 as he sat in a patrol car in Brooklyn. Credit: AP / John Minchillo

A recent story stated that New York City's Department of Investigation has concluded that police officers need training on how to de-escalate a confrontation ["Chokehold use at issue," News, Jan. 12].

How does this apply to the Eric Garner case? This was a man with a criminal record and prior arrests who refused to comply or be handcuffed. How much more defusing of a situation can be done without risking serious injury to the officer?

Now the city wants to spend $35 million on retraining. The New York City Police Department is already the best trained police force in the country, and spending millions to appease certain community groups is ridiculous.

Scott Bishop, Lindenhurst

Editor's note: The writer is a retired NYPD officer.