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Letter: Revisit Suffolk's ancient Tax Act

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone has proposed merging

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone has proposed merging the elected offices of treasurer and comptroller. Treasurer Angie Carpenter, left, is up for re-election to a four-year term this fall. Joseph Sawicki, right, has been comptroller since 2003, and term limits prohibit him from running again in 2014. Credit: James Escher; Kathy Kmonicek

A New York State appeals court has ruled that Suffolk County cannot move forward to merge two offices, the comptroller and treasurer, which are governed by a very old law, the Suffolk Tax Act ["Blow to Suffolk merger," News, Oct. 2].

Why not stop now, and review this law? It is old and needs careful revision. It would be in the best interests of the Suffolk County Legislature to form a committee to study the matter and review all aspects of our real property fiscal needs.

The Suffolk County Tax Act needs more than a hurried and ill-conceived response. Revisions could possibly save much more money than the $1 million estimated.

Anthony Pecorale, West Islip