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Letter: Rich and poor should live apart

toWYAN25 - Interest in Wyandanch Rising homes high

toWYAN25 - Interest in Wyandanch Rising homes high Questions and doubts lingered among the hundreds of residents who turned out for the first community meeting since apartment buildings began being built last summer as part of Wyandanch's massive redevelopment. But interest in the 177 apartment units is high: more than 1,500 people have contacted the company constructing the buildings to say they want an apartment.

Providing apartments for paying tenants and subsidized tenants in the same building is not a good idea ["Wyandanch: Rents released," News, Aug. 19].

The subsidized tenants will envy the lifestyle of the market-rate tenants, who will resent sharing the same address with subsidized tenants.

Affordable housing should be built separately. All people have an equal right to decent housing, but all people are patently not equal. Some are more beautiful, more intelligent, more athletic, more artistic, etc.

Americans have no problem recognizing these differences and rewarding them. Yet we want people to be housed together regardless of ability to pay?

Aurora Forte, Smithtown