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Letter: Rising sea levels draw attention

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone uses a map

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone uses a map of Suffolk County to point out his administration's proposed efforts to clean the water infrastructure along the South Shore at a press conference in Oakdale on Wednesday, March 26, 2014. Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

The news story "Rising sea threatens centuries-old Fla. city" [News, May 11] helped to calm my fears for the future of our planet.

The lack of concern for the environment has significantly lessened. Many believe that global warming will eventually have consequences. The circumstances in St. Augustine should be enough proof that global warming is real and occurring now.

As heat increases, so does water volume, the ultimate cause of sea-level rise. The heat increase is man-made and connected mainly to the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels.

Species habitats can be ruined, and cause the loss of marine life. Frequent flooding is dangerous and detrimental to cities' economies.

It's our job as a society to make our environment sustainable for the people in later generations. Laws should be enacted along with projects supporting the environment. Funds must be made available.

Victoria Staltare, Oceanside