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Letter: Roads continue in sorry shape

A pothole remains open on Selfridge Avenue on

A pothole remains open on Selfridge Avenue on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 in Garden City. Credit: Howard Schnapp

The conditions of the major and minor road surfaces, including the Long Island Expressway and the Northern State Parkway, across Nassau and Suffolk counties, are deplorable. Not only does this cause unsafe driving conditions, it can result in serious accidents as drivers swerve to avoid danger at the last second.

These road conditions hurt our cars, pedestrians and bikers, and they're continuing to worsen with the excessive traffic on the Island. The cost of constant repairs to our automobiles and commercial trucks must be enormous and unnecessary. Considering the amount of taxes the residents and businesses pay annually to our towns and local governments, there is no reason that our roads should be so disgusting.

This is an embarrassment to our beautiful communities, and, as the cold weather returns, there will be a permanency to these poor, unsafe and costly conditions.

Richard Nattis, Woodbury