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Letter: Sabrina Morales story inspires

Sabrina Morales takes a makeup English test in

Sabrina Morales takes a makeup English test in the library at Wyandanch High School. Sabrina is the class of 2012's valedictorian. (April 5, 2012) Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

Congratulations to Sabrina Morales and the staff of Wyandanch High School ["With a little help from her friends," News, April 8] for their inspiring story. To quote the article, "The intervention and commitment of a guidance counselor, a principal and an assistant principal, teachers and a sweeping college-prep counseling program made the difference."

In the entire article not one accusation of pressuring or bullying, just a team rolling up its sleeves and working together to help a student succeed. It does "take a village" to raise a child. It just depends on which village the child happens to live in. Fortunately for Sabrina, it was Wyandanch.

Sheryl Moodt, Bellport