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Letter: Saddened over historic demolition

Nassau County workers have demolished the deteriorating Bedell

Nassau County workers have demolished the deteriorating Bedell House at Old Bethpage Village Restoration, 31 years after it was moved from West Hempstead to save it from that fate. It is seen here on Jan. 4, 2012. Credit: Howard Schnapp

Nassau County does it again! Another example of mismanagement and "saving money" no matter how much it costs ["Wrecking ball fells 1833 house," News, March 28].

Why would the county spend so much money in 1963 to move the Bedell House to the Old Bethpage Village Restoration, only to demolish it on March 24? Officials say that perhaps they can incorporate its architectural adornments in a replica, but where do they intend to get the money to do that? And if money is available, why didn't they use it to restore the Bedell House? Did no one look into obtaining a grant from the Preservation League of New York State?

Old Bethpage is in shocking condition. Most of the buildings that were moved from the once-beautiful Victorian Hempstead are in worse condition than when they stood on their original sites.

William Devlin, Rockville Centre