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Letter: Say no to Heartland project

The Heartland minicity project in Brentwood is among

The Heartland minicity project in Brentwood is among those on Long Island getting support from the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council in its proposal to the governor. The agency is competing for $40 million to be given regionally. (March 2011) Credit: Handout

I believe the Heartland Town Square project is ill-conceived and that the taxes received won't yield enough to pay for the students who will come into the Brentwood school system and crowd it ["After its diligent review, Islip should OK Heartland," Editorial, July 6]. This property will be the most overbuilt land on the entire Island.

Brentwood needs jobs, not 20-story apartment buildings. What if, instead, Gerald Wolkoff developed this property much like the Hauppauge Industrial Park on Motor Parkway? The taxes and spending would create a renaissance. We could have a stable tax base and no extra burden on our school system. It's a win-win situation.

Joe Fritz, Brentwood

Editor's note: The writer is a former Brentwood school board member and a past candidate for the Islip Town Board.