The appointment of the new Glen Cove superintendent of schools clearly illuminates one of the most deplorable and unproductive shams in Long Island public schools to those of us in the know ["Glen Cove: School board chooses new superintendent," News, Feb. 27].

According to the school board, the appointee brings to the district impressive experience as assistant superintendent for instruction from the Smithtown Central School District. Almost all current Long Island superintendents were once assistant superintendents for instruction, responsible for this prime task before abandoning their home district students and staff for career advancement and higher salaries, while padding their resumes.

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Assistant superintendents for instruction should be dedicated enough to remain in their home districts to achieve what they've started. Many promising innovations -- such as mastery and cooperative learning, reading methodologies, interdisciplinary and individualized instruction, career guidance, etc. -- have been introduced and left behind by opportunists, only to disappear as passing fads.

Most absurd of all is the apparent lack of relationship between the positions of assistant superintendent for instruction and superintendent of schools, who is primarily responsible for balancing the budget and meeting state mandates.

Time is way overdue for boards of education to wise up.

Fred Barnett, Lake Grove

Editor's note: The writer taught for 45 years in Levittown public schools.