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Letter: School medical personnel necessary

Nurse practitioners are rolling out a campaign the

Nurse practitioners are rolling out a campaign the week of May 14 to explain what, exactly, nurse practitioners do -- and why patients should trust them with their medical needs. Credit: iStock

In response to the letter "School has many staff psychologists" [May 27], I can assure the reader who felt that the Farmingdale school district was overstaffed with school psychologists and nurses that this is not the case.

As a school nurse, I know that most buildings have only one registered nurse on site, and our role is to care for the safety and welfare of the students, as well as staff. We work closely with school psychologists.

Many children have serious medical conditions that require attention and daily medication in school. The need for school psychologists is also crucial. Many students suffer from depression, anxiety, addiction, abuse or emotional trauma. It's essential that we work together as a team.

After working many years in a hospital, I took a salary reduction by choice to work and care for children in schools.

Christine Ricca, Hicksville