Recently, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo publicized a report titled "The State of New York's Failing Schools" and broadcast it widely ["Cuomo: 109,000 NY students in 'failing schools,' " News, Feb. 27].

The governor said more than 109,000 students are enrolled in New York State's 178 "failing" schools. Suffolk County is represented in these totals by 1,198 students from two "failing" schools. Cuomo used this data to provide a justification for pushing forward, with great urgency, his educational reform package, a package that is tied to the release of essential state aid information needed to develop school budgets for 2015-16. We respectfully request that the governor release the state aid information immediately so accurate budgets can be completed.

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Using the governor's data, the reality is that in Suffolk County, more than 249,350 students in 343 schools are succeeding. Many go beyond succeeding and are excelling on state, regional and national levels.

While we all continue to strive for 100 percent success for all students, more than 99 percent of Suffolk's schools are not "failing." This is a remarkable achievement. Our schools are a source of pride to Suffolk County and should be a source of pride in New York State as well.

Roberta A. Gerold, Remsenburg

Editor's note: The writer is the president of the Suffolk County School Superintendents Association.