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Letter: Schools' jobs are tougher now


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Recently there was a letter saying how sad it is that teachers and administrators are so worried about standardized tests, and that if they just did their jobs the tests should not be a problem ["Standardized tests defended, blamed," April 8]. These comments are a perfect example of people talking about education who really have no idea what is going on in schools.

There was nowhere near the testing back in the 1950s and '60s that there is today. We did not come under the pressure of a test until most of us took the Regents exams. I do not remember being bombarded with tests from third grade on.

The writer also states that most baby boomers passed. How does he know that? Statistics were nowhere nearly as detailed or reported as they are today. I would also venture to guess there was less of an economic difference between one district and another, and far fewer students whose English is their second language.

Robert Melo Sr., Massapequa Park