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Letter: Send inmates to serve in military

Dealing with a recidivist inmate such as Jerome

Dealing with a recidivist inmate such as Jerome Washington, the inmate involved in the confrontation, is a nightmare for anyone working in any correctional facility. Credit: Michael E. Ach, 2007

Regarding "Analysts: Delay funding for Suffolk jail" [News, May 15], county officials say they are open to the possibility of delaying $100 million in funding, as long as the state agrees to give the county time to find alternatives.

However, Legis. John M. Kennedy Jr. (R-Nesconset) said, "There are some bona fide bad guys in our jails and I feel more comfortable when the bad guys are in jail."

There never seems to be any creativity by our politicians other than spending the taxpayers' money to resolve problems.

Here's an alternative: Depending on the nature of the crime, sentence people to serve in the military instead of spending a year or two in the county jail. Send them to boot camp and ship them out to other parts of the world. This would give them the discipline they need and maybe instill a sense of responsibility and pride, so that when they return, they can become more productive citizens.

There's some risk, surely, that they would abandon their military service in a foreign country. Then they would no longer be our problem. That's another available jail cell.

Tony Antonelli, Islip