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Letter: Service shouldn't enrich our officials

Angie Carpenter, Suffolk County treasurer, shown in a

Angie Carpenter, Suffolk County treasurer, shown in a 2013 photo. Credit: James Escher

I find it deeply disturbing that Suffolk County Treasurer Angie Carpenter could retire from her present position, get a pension and then perhaps be chosen by the town board to be Islip supervisor ["Carpenter's had 9 lives, eyes 10th," News, Dec. 8].

She now receives $189,248 and is eligible for an $86,000-a-year pension. She would get an annual salary of $103,000 in the town job. At present, she is paid more than a U.S. senator, who earns $174,000 a year and has many more responsibilities than the treasurer of Suffolk County.

When will we stop tolerating political parties that enable officials to become more wealthy working for the government than the people they are supposed to represent?

Sheldon Wald, Oceanside