The April 29 editorial addressing Suffolk County’s water plan highlighted important issues [“Water plan has holes to plug”] — namely, details about transparency and the vetting process.

Suffolk’s cesspools have contaminated our region’s drinking and surface waters. If we’re going to restore our waters, then we have to pay for it. While I support County Executive Steve Bellone’s initiative to fund and fix, my support is qualified.

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Bellone’s prescription is additional sewering and the broad installation of alternative treatment systems. Both are appropriate, provided they have scientific validation and high performance standards. The bar for nutrient removal must be set high; half-measures won’t save our waters.

And, let’s not overlook agriculture, golf courses and residential trophy lawns when trying to roll back nitrogen loading. Suffolk County must think big and act boldly.

Kevin McAllister, Amagansett

Editor’s note: The writer is the founding president of Defend H2O, a nonprofit advocacy organization.