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Letter: Shallow portrayal of LI wives

Andi Black, left, and Liza Sandler in

Andi Black, left, and Liza Sandler in "Secrets and Wives." The Long Island-set reality show premieres Tuesday, June 2, on Bravo at 10 p.m. Credit: Bravo / Barbara Nitke

TV columnist Verne Gay was right on the mark in his assessment of the new Bravo reality show "Secrets and Wives" ["For these LI women some reassembly required," exploreLI, June 2].

Instead of exploring why a relationship or marriage did not succeed, this program focuses on the most shallow aspects of the lives of its cast members, women who have sacrificed happiness in the pursuit of opulence and find it easier to repeat mistakes by entering into relationships that cannot be fulfilling.

Divorce is painful. The producers of programs like this mock those who have endured divorce by creating a cast of outlandish, cartoonlike characters who do not represent those who are dealing with the wounds of divorce and certainly do not reflect the many women from the North Shore I have represented in more than 45 years as a matrimonial attorney.

This program has succeeded in creating a platform that focuses on materialism, excess and the frailties of human emotion, and on women who are more committed to rebuilding their bodies through reconstructive surgery than rebuilding their lives.

Seymour J. Reisman, Roslyn Estates