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Letter: Shift quickly to wind power offshore

A photo taken on August 9, 2013 shows

A photo taken on August 9, 2013 shows sun rays over a wind and a solar hybrid parc on the Pellworm island, northern Germany. Credit: AFP/Getty Images / Frank Zeller

The report “Assurances over wind farm” [News, April 29] said the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has made the development of wind resources off Long Island a top priority. This is welcome news.

It’s amazing to think that we could finally be on track to see the benefits of offshore wind here. It’s equally amazing that the Long Island Power Authority has fallen behind the federal government when it comes to good planning. Developing this resource could mean jobs for our local economy and peak electric power for our grid. The debate over whether to proceed is over. The conversation needs to shift to how quickly we can move before we are left behind by neighboring states.

Matthew Kearns, North Babylon