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Letter: Single school vote would be confusing

A budget vote reminder sits on the Belmont

A budget vote reminder sits on the Belmont Elementary School property in West Babylon on May 19, 2014. Credit: Johnny Milano

Newsday's editorial "Hold all school votes in May" [Jan. 11] says that holding bond votes in the dead of winter instead of with the annual school budget vote in May is "blatantly disrespectful" to taxpayers.

You say voters are not paying attention at this time and are being taken advantage of. I believe that holding both votes at the same time could be even more confusing.

Also, taxpayers go to work, shop, etc., during winter months and so should be able to take a few minutes to cast their votes. It's a taxpayer's responsibility to pay attention, learn the facts about a budget or bond vote and then vote their conscience.

Timing isn't the problem, being properly informed is.

Rich Wilen, East Meadow

Editor's note: The writer is a schoolteacher.