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Letter: Single water agency unwise for Nassau

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The Feb. 19 editorial, “Gaining ground in water fight,” responds to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s welcome announcement of more vigorous testing of Long Island’s water supply and attacks “Nassau’s balkanized system of providing water.”

Water providers across Nassau County have been protecting residents’ drinking water for more than three generations. Annual test results demonstrate that Nassau County districts have adhered to some of the most rigorous standards in the nation. Water districts work alongside county and state health departments and environmental conservation agencies to provide the cleanest drinking water possible to Long Islanders.

The editorial also failed to mention the Long Island Commission for Aquifer Protection, a bi-county agency formed by water districts to address quantity and quality issues facing Long Island’s aquifer system.

Newsday advocates for a consolidated Long Island water authority, because “we all dip our straws into the same metaphorical glass.”

What the editorial board fails to understand is that we’re not all equipped with the same straw; processes and systems that work for one community often don’t work for another, where differences in geography, demographics and lifestyle force providers to tailor their services.

Francis J. Koch, South Farmingdale

Editor’s note: The writer is superintendent of the South Farmingdale Water District.