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Letter: Skeptical about Trump on fossil fuels

The city should divest pension fund investments from

The city should divest pension fund investments from fossil fuel companies, advocates say. Credit: Getty Images / David McNew

What is disconcerting about President Donald Trump resurrecting the Keystone XL pipeline is that he touts the jobs created — which is important though disputed by many studies [“Pipeline projects get boost,” News, Jan. 25].

The same day, he put on hold efficiency standards. In most cases, money invested in energy efficiency creates more jobs and more energy per dollar spent, without the polluting and military consequences of fossil fuels. That is a win-win for jobs and the environment, and we must be careful not to fall for the false dichotomy of either one or the other.

If it turns out that Trump’s job cheerleading is really an underhanded way to support dirty energy and its corporate sponsors — or in general, done to benefit a small cadre of moneyed interests in agriculture, building, infrastructure or industry — then we all must be vigilant.

Jon Landsbergis, Kew Gardens