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Good Afternoon

Letter: Small business is on the ropes

Delores and Walter Henning, of Bay Shore, shop

Delores and Walter Henning, of Bay Shore, shop at A Taste of Long Island, in Farmingdale, as Long Islander's participate in the fourth annual Small Business Saturday. (Nov. 30, 2013) Credit: Steve Pfost

I've been in the auto-repair business for 27 years, and I've ridden out many ups and downs in the economy.

Each time the economy tanked, customers would not have the money to spend on their cars, and business would suffer. In time, things always got better.

This time, many of my customers lost their jobs, and many lost their savings. Many left New York and continue to do so. I have just barely managed to keep the place open.

Now the cost of doing business is rising dramatically. In the last year I have seen 25 to 50 percent increases in payroll taxes, insurance, health insurance and parts. My PSEG Long electric bill doubled. Now officials want to raise the minimum wage.

It seems that our government, big corporations and the banks don't give a damn about small businesses anymore. Every business owner I know is in the same situation. Many are laying off employees, dropping health coverage and closing down.

The federal and state governments need to correct the issues now before it's too late.

John Burns, Sayville