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Good Morning

Letter: Small planes make too large a noise

An aerial view of Long Island MacArthur Airport

An aerial view of Long Island MacArthur Airport on Dec. 12, 2011. Credit: Charles Eckert

In response to your story "Heart risk tied to airport noise" [News, July 13], I have great sympathy for anyone who lives in the flight path near an airport.

I live nowhere near an airport -- my home is 20 miles northwest of MacArthur Airport and 23 miles northeast of Republic Airport. However, each day I am bombarded with the droning of small aircraft engine noise. I know my blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety level go up every time. These small planes and private jets come from every direction. Fridays usually yield between 60 and 80 planes overhead. Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons and Mondays are equally noisy.

Have the helicopters to the Hamptons been replaced by small planes? I think so.

Quiet was what I expected when I decided to move far away from highways and airports.

One women in the news story said that the Federal Aviation Administration should disperse the air traffic noise. I would like to see it eliminated. We have mufflers for cars. Why can't the industry develop mufflers for planes, especially small planes?

Judy Hanson, Northport