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Letter: ‘SNL’ vote about war vet wasn’t funny

Pete Davidson on

Pete Davidson on "Saturday Night Live" on Saturday. Credit: NBC / Will Heath

Why does “Saturday Night Live” cast member Pete Davidson still have a job? Comedians are supposed to be funny. Davidson’s mocking of wounded war hero and congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw of Texas was anything but [“‘SNL’ joke on vet running for Congress sparks anger,” Flash!, Nov. 5]. Too many “comedians” today go for cheap shock value.

NBC should fire Davidson. His despicable “joke” was much worse than anything Megyn Kelly said.

Michael Quane, South Hempstead

Lessons for next campaign season

To our politicians, here’s a public service announcement.

1. I never listen to the negative ads on television — ever. You will not change my mind or get my vote that way.

2. Please stop sending fancy, colorful, laminated political ads. I just throw them away. You are dirtying the environment and wasting money. If you want to send something describing what you stand for and what you will do for our country, that I will read, but a simple black-and-white piece of paper will suffice.

3. If you are an incumbent, don’t tell me what you “will” do; tell me what you have done. If you didn’t do what you promised to do, tell me why and how you will proceed if re-elected.

I do not care how much money you have raised or are capable of raising. I care about your morals, direction and what you will do for our community and country!

Terry Glassman, Glen Head

Many immigrants among students

The caravan of Central American migrants has my senior students at Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK High School talking [“Caravan heads toward Mexico City,” News, Nov. 5].

“Do I look like a threat to you, Mr. Beck?” asked a student whose parents immigrated from El Salvador. “My parents take me and my sister to church every Sunday and we thank God we now have a safe life in America. And my parents work three jobs between them, and we are happy.”

Although less than 10 percent of our senior class was eligible to vote on Tuesday, this class already knows that President Donald Trump will do or say anything to win, including sending troops to the border to show political muscle, not unlike a spoiled adolescent who’s never been told no.

Among the 117 students I’m privileged to teach, several are children of immigrants, and they clearly resent how other people seeking a better life are portrayed for a political agenda. Some of our students are gifted thespians and already rehearsing for the fall play. One student said in class, “President Trump thinks doing theater will help him win, and it won’t.”

Joe Beck, Bethpage

Touro should give bar-exam prep course

I was appalled to read that more than only 48.6 percent of Touro Law Center students passed the July bar exam [“Touro Law looks to boost pass rate for bar,” News, Oct. 31].

It is apparent that students failed as a result of their inadequate preparation by the school. I submit that the school owes these future lawyers an opportunity to attend an intensive course at no charge to prepare them to pass the February exam.

Sheldon Grossman, Rockville Centre


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