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Letter: Some haunted houses get too graphic


/ Credit: AFP/Getty Images / NICOLAS ASFOURI

We recently took our 4-year-old grandson to a nearby farm that offered adorably costumed animals, a corn maze, delectable cider, and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.

All went well until my grandson decided he was old enough to check out the haunted house with his dad. A couple of young ladies dressed as kittens urged him on when he balked at the entrance, assuring him that there were no live actors and that it was not pitch black inside. When they could not convince him, my husband and I, remembering the spooky houses of our youth — sheeted ghosts and spiders, dancing skeletons, eerie music and ghastly sounds — decided to take the walk.

Imagine our disgust when we encountered a chamber of horrors: depictions of mutilated corpses; dismembered, bloody body parts; grotesquely decayed zombies. It was repulsive. This gory spectacle did not belong at a family-friendly Halloween event. At the very least, the farm should post warnings and age limits [“Just scary enough,” exploreLI, Oct. 26].

Had my little grandson been coerced into entering, he would have been seriously traumatized. Parents, beware!

Jane Feirman,Dix Hills