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Letter: Sound advice for good nutrition

A worker unloads grocery goods in Washington, D.C.,

A worker unloads grocery goods in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 6, 2014. Credit: AFP / Getty Images / Jim Watson

Working as a nutritionist and weight loss counselor for 35 years, I discuss many of the emotional and physical aspects of what we eat with my clients [“When a diet loses its balance,” Explore LI, May 17].

I encourage healthy eating, which can be very difficult these days. We mix and match, not knowing processed foods from a low-carb or no-carb food. What about healthy fats and oils, varieties of milk, and which is the better choice — organic, wild or farm-raised?

Basically, your food should have one ingredient, be refrigerated and not be packaged in bags or boxes.

I have kept off my 140-lb. weight loss for 36 years. I was the typical on again, off again dieter. What was crucial to my weight loss success was the importance of commitment. No one likes the feeling of restriction or deprivation, but we do love success! Success builds self-confidence, determination and an unrelenting pursuit of a goal.

Avoiding parties and difficult situations may not be perfect, but what is? The best choice among bad choices is easier than staying away totally.

Linda Fiveson, Syosset