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Letter: Spend to rebuild roads and bridges

Yaroslav Kolchin was arrested after allegedly scaling the

Yaroslav Kolchin was arrested after allegedly scaling the Brooklyn Bridge and taking photos with his iPhone, police said. Credit: Getty Images / DON EMMERT

Congress has failed to act on so many issues, and failing to fund infrastructure development is punishing America. Without repairing, renewing and building highways, tunnels and bridges that make commerce possible, the country cannot expand possibilities for our citizens.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower marveled at Germany's infrastructure, which enabled that country to continue fighting against overwhelming odds. As president, Eisenhower called upon Congress to copy what the Germans had achieved. That is why America enjoys the interstate highways that have served and invigorated expansion of our commerce.

Every dollar spent on infrastructure is returned to the government and the economy multiple times over.

The polarization of American politics, with its overt hatreds, will continue to be an internal threat to the nation's security.

Edward Horn, Baldwin