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Letters: Squatters are a community danger

A home in Lindenhurst, seen in an undated

A home in Lindenhurst, seen in an undated photo, is vacant after being damaged during superstorm Sandy. Credit: Paramount Realty USA

It's nice that Newsday is bringing attention to the "zombie home" phenomenon on Long Island ["Good start to fix zombie homes," Editorial, May 19].

I have people living right across the street from me who are squatters -- doing drugs and making drug deals out in the open -- and the Town of Brookhaven won't do anything about them.

There are lots of children living in the vicinity of these people, who just came over and claimed this home. It's terrible.

Trisha Larsen, East Setauket


I would like to provide additional comments to the article. I have lived next to the home mentioned for 40 years. When the owner's wife died, he moved out of state and allowed a friend of the family to rent the home.
She attracted boarders who have since taken up residency. When the neighbors realized what was happening, we contacted the police and the town. Each agency was very sympathetic , but could not help us.
Because the rightful owner had initially given her the key, his friend has a right to be there even though he now wants her out.

Renee Brittman
East Setauket