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Letter: Stand in support of Indiana's new law

Thousands of opponents to a bill that became

Thousands of opponents to a bill that became the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act, gather on March 28, 2015 outside the Indiana State House in Indianapolis to rally against that legislation. It was signed into law by Gov. Mike Pence a few days later. Credit: AP / Doug McSchooler

Poor Indiana! ["Indiana travel banned for NYC, state workers," News, April 1]

Its legislators pass a law designed to protect its citizens from a meddling, oppressive, bloated, federal government that condones violating their religious convictions and civil rights, and immediately a horde of politically correct leftist jackals wants to punish them.

These liberal wolves include our own governor. Shame on him! Indiana should stand fast and rebuke the many outsiders who would try to intimidate it by words and boycott threats.

Benjamin Beekman, Woodbury