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Letter: Starting school before Labor Day

A school bus in the Connetquot School district's

A school bus in the Connetquot School district's Bus depot in Bohemia on May 3, 2011. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

I find it absolutely appalling that so many schools in New York began their school year before Labor Day ["Their journey begins," News, Jan. 2]. Labor Day is traditionally the end of summer, and school should not begin before that.

I know people will say schools down South begin in August, but many of those schools are air-conditioned and equipped to begin. The classrooms of our children and their teachers are sweltering from the heat.

I also don't want to hear the argument that Labor Day was late this year. So what? Family time and vacation time are so important to youngsters growing up.

I hope parents will fight the practice in the future by keeping their youngsters out of school until after Labor Day, just as many refuse to allow children to take those ridiculous Common Core tests.

Thomas Cestaro, Holbrook