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Letter: Stem the demand for deadly drugs

Prescription drugs.

Prescription drugs. Credit: iStock

A basic principle of capitalism is the law of supply and demand. However, it seems to be ignored in the war on drugs [“Better laws in heroin fight,” Editorial, May 23].

I recently attended a heroin summit event sponsored by Nassau County. Most of the focus was on removing drugs from the streets: increasing police presence, busting the dealers, distributing Narcan kits, and cracking down on illegal prescriptions and the doctors prescribing them. Although these are necessary strategies, this is approaching the problem backward.

The long-term answer would be to focus on removing the demand for drugs. As long as the demand continues, new dealers will replace old ones, addicts will find new doctors willing to prescribe, and people will continue to overdose.

We would be better served if more resources went to treatment centers, programs in the schools to teach coping skills at an early age, and legislation to increase health insurance coverage for drug-related therapies.

Larry Bassen, East Meadow