I was startled to read the article about Stony Brook University students, as a lesson in urban planning, offering ideas for modernizing the business district near campus ["Giving Route 25A the old college try," News, May 22].

"Stagnant business district," "an area in need of renewal" and "antiquated strip of small businesses"? Has Newsday been to the location in question?

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I live within a few miles of the area and pass through it regularly. None of the buildings are new; however, they are all well-maintained and there's no litter. Even the train station area is clean, neat and well-kept with nice plantings. The area is desirable enough that I'm not aware of any vacancies -- at least none visible from the street -- and parking can be hard to come by in the evenings, particularly by the areas that serve food.

More sidewalks would be welcome, but I think some of the descriptions in this article are inappropriate!

Virginia C. Wilch, East Setauket