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Letter: Stop the presses -- devices distract drivers

Woman driving car. Keeps both hands on the

Woman driving car. Keeps both hands on the steering wheel. She is wearing a green sweater. Behind the windows you can see the beautiful defocused green grass. Photo taken from the position next to and slightly behind the driver. Photo Credit: iStock / Krystian Nawrocki

What a revelation ["It's better to shut up, drive," News, Oct. 8]. Two new studies show that in-car, voice-activated smartphones and dashboard infotainment systems are distracting. Who would have thought?

The equally endangering use of cellphones has not been supplanted by a safer system.

When are selfish people going to realize that they are in command of a 3,000-pound potential menace moving at 30 mph on residential streets, or even 50 mph on major roads?

If you wish to win this year's Darwin Award by removing yourself from the gene pool, be my guest. But please do not take me with you. Find a solitary place for your all-important conversation.

Richard M. Frauenglass, Huntington