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Letter: Storm preparation and the suburbs

Drivers brave the snow on Route 112. (Feb.

Drivers brave the snow on Route 112. (Feb. 9, 2013) Photo Credit: Jim Staubitser

My husband worked for the New York City Sanitation Department ["More snow," News, Feb. 13]. We have lived on Long Island for over 40 years. When he would leave during snowstorms, he would be gone for hours, and I was alone with our four small children. We never had a problem during this time.

When you choose suburban life, you need to prepare yourself for whatever Mother Nature sends your way. Get your home ready with a generator, food, bottled water, a fireplace and fuel. Your car should be in good condition, with fuel, chains, studded tires, etc., for any weather.

Keep these items in your car: a flashlight, shovel, blanket and a small bag of kitty litter to help with traction if you get stuck on ice.

There is no need for chaos. There is no need to shop the day before a snowstorm. That's ridiculous. Prepare ahead of time.

Rose Sorrentino, Bellmore