The aftermath of the Aug. 4 storm turned our neighborhood, like many others, into a tangle of trees and wires ["PSEG deploys walking strategy," News, Aug. 23]. Destruction in our area was as bad or worse than after superstorm Sandy. PSEG Long Island's decision to deploy workers to walk the neighborhoods is laudable, though we wonder whether they visited areas with major post-storm issues.

We were without power for almost 60 hours. About 30 hours into the outage, PSEG left us a message saying that our power had been restored. When I called to protest, the cheery individual on the other end assured me he had a ticket that clearly stated our restoration was complete.

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Only after we told him that no one in our area had power, and that wires were down all over the place, did he agreed to submit another request on our behalf.

Our take-away from this experience? We wonder whether PSEG will be prepared to respond when the next severe weather disrupts a greater part of Long Island.

Tom and Roxanne Mollo, Setauket