I don't purport to know anything about the politics of whether the Suffolk County police or sheriff's deputies should patrol the state highways ["Deputies keep roads safe," Letters, Aug. 19]. However, as a citizen who travels both the Long Island Expressway and Sunrise Highway extensively, I have noticed a tremendous difference in coverage and enforcement between the two departments.

All the years that the police patrolled, at any time of the day or night, one could almost literally go for miles without seeing a single police car on the road, let alone someone pulled over for a violation; excess speed and aggressive driving would abound.

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Since the deputies took over, things have changed dramatically. For example, the other day during rush hour, traveling eastbound between Round Swamp Road and Ronkonkoma Avenue, I saw nearly a dozen sheriff's patrol cars and at least five vehicles pulled over. Rather than being an isolated occurrence, this seems to be the norm any time of the day on these state highways.

I know that I'm driving more carefully, and I'm sure that many others are more cautious as well.

Dan Pichney, Bayport