I am absolutely outraged by the absurd salary deal our lawmakers "negotiated" with the Suffolk County police ["Suffolk cops contract spending to rise in 2014," News, Jan. 6].

Aren't unions thought of as left-of-center organizations? They mostly vote Democratic. And don't those who are left-of-center complain about "income inequality?" They are such hypocrites.

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They only care about themselves. After 12 years, an officer's base salary will be $117,676, and by 2018 it will be $139,234. Many will make $188,000 with overtime, holiday and night differential pay. What a joke.

Teachers' salaries on Long Island are equally absurd and way out of line with the private sector. Don't get me started on the pensions, which probably double their lifetime income!

What the left-leaning unions are doing is legally stealing from the equally hardworking private sector.

Edward Schwartz, Dix Hills