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Letter: Suffolk's homeless mentally ill

John O'Neill, Suffolk County's acting social services commissioner, has a great idea for enlarging shelters instead of having small shelters all over the Island ["Shelter service sees overhaul," News, June 11]. Hopefully it will work. It will work if it is monitored properly.

I would like to know what they plan to do about mentally ill people who are in shelters and are left to wander the streets during the day. Just go to Gordon Heights, Brentwood, Coram or Port Jefferson, and you will see these unfortunate individuals roaming the streets.

Something must be done. Many who face criminal charges are kept in the jails, because there is no other place for them.

My son was in a shelter and then given the phone numbers for rooming houses and sober houses. These places were not satisfactory even for an animal to live in. He also was ripped off by the landlords. The places were filthy, and the managers of these shelters and houses were not capable of taking care of these individuals.

I hope there is a plan.

Virginia Schnappauf, Ridge