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Letter: Suspend cell service for texters

Photo illustration of texting while driving.

Photo illustration of texting while driving. Photo Credit: Newsday, 2011 / Thomas A. Ferrara

Why is there so much focus on legislating an unenforceable law by threatening to suspend a driver's license ["Crackdown on drivers who text can save lives," Editorial, June 10]? It's a known fact that people with suspended licenses still drive! Some also drive without insurance.

The epidemic on the road in 2013 is not only about texting while driving, it's about drivers holding an electronic device in one hand while driving. Is it still OK to watch YouTube videos on a smartphone while driving? I saw one driver yesterday holding a cigarette out the window and reading a text on the smartphone in his right hand while driving on Glen Cove Road. These nuts are everywhere!

If legislators want to put an end to it, instead of suspending driving privileges, they should consider a mandatory fine of $1,000 and suspend the driver's cellphone service for a month.

Paul Eggers, Mineola


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