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Good Afternoon

Letter: Swimsuit advice to hide flaws unwelcome

The Laurel Hollow village code dictates that anyone

The Laurel Hollow village code dictates that anyone who wishes to swim sans a bathing suit must be more than 1,500 feet from shore. Swimming "in a state of nudity" or in a bathing suit or costume that is worn "indecently or immorally" is also prohibited at any public or open tank, pool or bath within the village. Exhibitionists could face a maximum fine of $250, up to 15 days in jail, or both. Credit: Flickr user bay_dragon

Every day, women are subject to a barrage of images telling us how we should look ["The troubleshooters," Style, June 29]. Summer can be a trying time for those who fall outside the skinny ideal. While living a healthy lifestyle is important, the reality is that everyone's version of healthy looks completely different, and the only true qualification to have a beach body is to bring your body to the beach.

I'm disappointed to see women continually told that we're flawed and should cover up our less-than-perfect bods. There are much better ways to approach the summer shopping season. In the future, I hope women can read summer guides that emphasize style and confidence, rather than "solutions" for misplaced shame.

Molly Prep, Huntington