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Letter: Take care when buying a dog

See Marnie the Dog at Koneko Cat Cafe

See Marnie the Dog at Koneko Cat Cafe and check out more things to do this week. Photo Credit: Melissa Kravitz

The holidays are here, which means impulse buying of puppies from stores and even online sellers [“Our mixed-breed dog is a great friend,” Letters, Dec. 6].

Please consider who would ship weeks-old puppies to stores around the country to be purchased by anyone with cash or credit. A few minutes of conversation and payment should not result in 10-plus years of commitment. No one who claims to love animals would sell them like iPads. They would have them checked by veterinarians and follow up with an in-home visit. Patience is required on both sides, and it’s well worth it. Puppies are like fine wine, not fast fashion.

Research a puppy purchase the same way you would an automobile or home appliance. If the puppy’s parents are not available to interact with, it’s a warning sign.

As a former shelter volunteer and now employee, I can tell you the first holiday puppies are dumped at the shelter before Jan. 1 and keep coming in through April. Many have health problems from less-than-optimal breeding conditions. Others are perfect and still unwanted.

Kristie Malkasian, Commack

Editor’s note: The writer works at the Smithtown Animal Shelter.


I applaud the writer of “Don’t encourage ‘designer’ dogs” [Letters, Dec. 1] for her stinging rebuttal to the recent Kidsday article “I love my hybrid dog” [Nov. 20], in which a child described her dog, Rusty, as “super cute,” “adorable” and “amazing.”

While you couldn’t have been the only reader “appalled” that Newsday would allow the publication of this dangerous piece of child journalism, it speaks volumes that you were the only one courageous enough to voice your outrage. Too many of us, sadly, are cowed into silence by the small children at the helm of the Kidsday journalistic machine.

All Newsday readers know by now that a deep moral rot is at work on Long Island, clearly evidenced by the devastating heroin epidemic and the daily parade of corrupt politicians. Thanks to your courageous stand, Newsday readers can no longer claim ignorance to yet another ongoing moral calamity: a child who really loves her dog.

I pray that the letter writer will remain a vigilant watchdog against the insidious evil that lurks inside Kidsday and within the child journalists behind it.

If you don’t, surely, nobody else will.

David Long, Oyster Bay