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Letter: Taking the money out of politics

"It is sickening to see what money has

"It is sickening to see what money has done to the electoral process in our nation," writes Nicholas Dallis. Credit: Michael Osbun / Tribune Media Services

It is sickening to see what money has done to the electoral process in our nation ["Stop runaway (campaign) spending," Opinion, Sept. 9]. The recent Supreme Court decision, so loudly condemned by liberals, and by me -- a moderate -- only reflects the true reality of big money and elections. Our politicians, back when our nation was founded and sometimes even today, viewed themselves as public servants. Today, most of our elected and appointed officials are in it for the power and the money. That should be obvious by the multimillions they accrue while in office and the favors they grant to their supporters.

I have a solution that will probably never be implemented but would put elections back into the realm of reality and fairness. There needs to be a set time, say one to two months, for campaigning for any office and a set amount, paid for by us, for any candidate to use during that time period.

All monies would have to be strictly accounted for by the candidates, and any unauthorized monies brought in would result in the immediate end of that individual's candidacy. Simple, but too honest for our politicians to follow?

The reason I don't think this will be considered is because Washington is obsessed with self-perpetuation and self-enrichment.

Nicholas Dallis, Smithtown