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Letter: Tappan Zee and driver safety

The Tappan Zee Bridge photographed on the north

The Tappan Zee Bridge photographed on the north side during a tour provided by the New York Thruway Authority. (March 13, 2012) Photo Credit: Rory Glaeseman

It's a great thing that the Tappan Zee Bridge is finally to be replaced ["Crossing a bridge," News, Aug. 21]. I'm amazed at the statement by Howard Glaser, the state director of operations, that, "The bridge is outdated. It's unsafe."

If that's a true statement, why is the public still allowed to use this bridge? Am I at risk of its collapsing while I'm traveling across? Am I going to wind up in the river?

What safeguards are in place to protect travelers from something catastrophic happening until we get a new bridge?

David A. Gordon, Hauppauge