This is in response to Nassau County's 20-year tax break for Mineola Properties to build a nine-story apartment building at 250 Old Country Road ["Tax break for apartments," Business, March 23].

There is not one good reason for this tax break, but there is a multitude of bad reasons. Nassau County citizens need to ask those responsible how this was approved, who benefits and in what way?

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The county is operating under bad financial conditions, requiring state-mandated oversight by the Nassau Interim Finance Authority. How is it reasonable for the county to give a multimillion-dollar tax break?

Old Country Road in that vicinity is one of the most congested areas. It is home to the courts, county buildings and other high-occupancy buildings. During rush hour, it is particularly gridlocked. Throw in an accident, or rain or snow, and it is nearly impassable. This complex would make it more difficult for emergency vehicles to quickly pass through to transport patients requiring time-sensitive treatment at Winthrop-University Hospital.

Also, have there been any feasibility studies to show that the Long Island Rail Road can accommodate the increased ridership? Those who granted this approval have not represented the interests of the Nassau County taxpayer.

Michael Sullivan, Garden City