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Letter: Tax-free campus plan's a give-away

In "Tax-free plan could bring jobs" [Editorial, May 30], Newsday says that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo proposes to bring businesses to college campuses and allow them to operate completely tax-free for 10 years -- without sales, property or state income tax.

So, if I have this correct, he is proposing that businesses move to these campus villages, which by the way are exempt from real estate taxes already, and add nothing to the tax base but use all essential services.

Worse yet, history has shown that after tax breaks have expired, many businesses threaten to move away if they are threatened with paying taxes, and our government will capitulate. Have we learned nothing?

Isn't there any politician in Albany with an education to understand this farce? It's no longer the pensions and health care costs that are our biggest problem. It's our politicians pandering to be re-elected, and not be the leaders we thought we had chosen.

Bill Romaka, West Islip