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Letter: Tax-free zones won't build bizes

Newsday suggests Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's plan to turn the state's college campuses into economic incubators "doesn't cost anything to try" ["Tax-free plan could bring jobs," Editorial, May 30]. The problem, of course, is that it does. The commercial real estate market will have to bear the cost of state-sponsored competition, as the free market continues to hemorrhage under staggering property taxes and crushing energy costs across Long Island.

The reason these state-sponsored office spaces are being proposed at all is because the entrepreneur can't afford to be in privately owned office space. So the slow motion death sentence of high taxes and high energy costs on private commercial space propels the state to create competitive office space that gives birth to companies that will outgrow the incubator but can't afford to stay here.

States like Florida have already perfected their economic incubators. It's called the free market with affordable taxes and energy. It would be far better if every office building on Long Island had the means to be an incubator of emerging companies that could afford to grow and expand here.

Desmond Ryan, Hauppauge

Editor's note: The writer is the executive director of the Association for a Better Long Island, a developers group.


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